What is a Traditional Dexter DEEP Engraved Seal Ring?

Dexter products are heirloom quality, individually deep engraved signet rings and other items of jewellery including pendants, charms, desk seals and cufflinks. Dexter's signet rings that are celebrated amongst wearers and antiquaries the world over.

Each Dexter ring is carved to produce a 3 dimensional image of your chosen design. Each of our products are individual, and rely on the experience and artistry of the master engraver concerned in its making.

Seal Engraved rings are engraved traditionally in reverse; to produce a positive 3D wax impression - We supply a wax impression taken from the actual ring with each of our seal engraved rings.

Deep for Show engraved rings, which are deeply engraved for show only NOT engraved in reverse! - Although reversed we still supply a wax impression with all our deep for show rings to highlight the sheer beauty and intricate detail of all our engravings.

Elevated Engraving - This Alternative engraving style produces a stunning contemporary effect. Unlike inferior products our elevated style ring is deep engraved from one solid piece of gold. As it is NOT made from separate components it provides a quality feel and longevity of wear.

When you buy a Dexter signet ring you are acquiring a valuable family heirloom, unique to you. Traditional seal rings of this kind have been worn with pride for thousands of years as symbols of lineage and family bloodline. Although Dexter specialise in heraldic work of this kind, we also design and craft a wide variety of personalised designs.

Dexter deep engraved products are not to be confused in any way with surface engraved rings, acid etched, laser engraved, or cast rings. These products lack the integrity and pedigree of a traditionally crafted quality signet ring, they do not rely on the technique and artistry of the crafting process and the brilliance of the craftsman involved. These rings will hold less value in years to come. The Dexter signet ring: an item of exquisite timeless quality and a treasured genuine family heirloom.

See how are rings are made in the new case studies section. Find Our About Our Unique Pledge

Before you make that lifetime choice, take time to compare the quality of a Dexter Product:

Dexter Engravings: Deep Engraved Quality Dexter Signet Rings - click to enlarge.
  • Depth of Engraving
  • Quality and Strength of Line
  • 3 Dimensional Form
  • Heirloom Quality
    Dexter Ring Dexter Ring Dexter Ring
    All work shown is done in our own workshop carried our by traditionally trained master craftsmen of many years experience. Dexter show products with magnified images so you can be in no doubt of the artistry and quality of our craftsmanship.

    Now with the Dexter Ready Made Ranges you can have an individually crafted quality Dexter item at an affordable price.



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