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Crest Ring Examples: Heraldic Beasts

Heraldic beasts appear within a coat of arms; as the crest (top of the arms) within the shield (charge) and sometimes either side of the shield (supporters).

The crest is denoted by the rope on which the crest is seen to sit. This wreath or torse was used to tie the crest onto the knight’s helmet. The exception to this is if the crest is a ducal coronet (sometimes with an heraldic beast or other heraldic device issuing from it), in this instance there should be no wreath, as the crown or coronet would have sat directly on top of the helmet... | rings of the finest quality

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Within a coat of arms the crest is depicted at the top of the helmet, quite literally taken from the medieval battlefield, where it was worn in the 12th century... | see prices

Right: Crest ring seal engraved with traditional crest of a lion preying on a dragon |
Below: Bloodstone signet ring engraved with a griffin head crest

lion preying on a dragon crest ring
Griffin Head Bloodstone Crest Ring If a heraldic beasts is depicted without the wreath generally it is a charge, taken from the shield of a coat of arms... | our unique pledge

Wolf Head Sardonyx Stone  
Boars Head Crest
Wolf Engraved on a Sardonyx Stone
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Boars Head Crest Scottish Crest
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Demi Lion Holding a Sword Crest Ring  
Eagle Displayed Holding Swords
Demi Lion
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Eagle Displayed
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 Gemstone and Non-Standard Rings:
Dragon Head Cornilian
Phoenix Ring
Cigar Band
Tiger Pendant
Most of the rings you see on this page are classic signet rings, available to order today. However our Gemstone, Elegance, Supersize, and Cigar Band Rings are available by quotation only. As with all our rings available with YOUR family crest.

Pendants cufflinks & desk seals are available to purchase today

Heraldic attitudes are not to be confused with the artistic style of the lion which holds no heraldic significance at all. For example; the shape of the lion, length or proportion of limbs, or head of the lion, tufts of hair, etc. is purely decoration and just down to the style of the herald that drew the lion at any one time. This will change over time as each artists interpret the design in their own hand. However the key heraldic features or attitudes must remain the same for the lion to retain its meaning.

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Stags Head Cabossed
Elegance Ring Heron Preying on a Snake Crest
Stags Head Cabossed
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Elegance Ring
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Wolf Head & Cross Stag on an Armoured Gauntlet
Wolf & Cross
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Stag & Gauntlet
your own design?
Ladies Optional 'Scalloped Shoulder'
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