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Crest Ring Examples: Heraldic Lions

The heraldic Lion is probably the most recognised of all the heraldic beasts. Used as a visual metaphor for strength and courage it is as poignant today when used in graphic imagery, as when it was first used in heraldry in the 12th century. Found in the shield of a coat of arms (a charge), or as a crest denoted by the rope underneath the beast called a torse or wreath. Today it is a symbol which still symbolises many family names, and an attractive image that is appealing to many...      | rings of the finest quality

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You will see heraldic lions depicted in different poses this is significant as in heraldry the posture of the lion is crucial to its meaning, the family it represents...    | see prices

Right: Heraldic Rampant Lion Crest Ring |
Below: Lion Rampant Engraved on a Blue Agate Ring

Heraldic Rampant Lion Crest Ring
Lion Rampant Engraved on a Blue Agate Ring So the main heraldic positions, or ‘attitudes’ as they are known, of the heraldic lion are as follows; rampant (standing on hind legs), passant (stood on 3 legs), Statant (stood on 4 legs), sejant (sat down), guardant (looking at you), regardant (looking over his shoulder), or if the lion is demi (cut off at the waist), and if the lion is double queued (has two tails). Colour, or if the lion is charged with another heraldic device is also relevant...    | our unique pledge

Lion Rampant in Chains Signet Ring  
Lion Rampant in Chains
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Royal Crest
available in: military rings
Demi Lion Holding a Sword Crest Ring  
Lion Crest Engraved onto a Bloodstone Ring
Demi Lion
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Lion Crest on Bloodstone
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 Gemstone and Non-Standard Rings:
Dragon Head Cornilian
Phoenix Ring
Cigar Band
Tiger Pendant
Most of the rings you see on this page are classic signet rings, available to order today. However our Gemstone, Elegance, Supersize, and Cigar Band Rings are available by quotation only. As with all our rings available with YOUR family crest.

Pendants cufflinks & desk seals are available to purchase today

Heraldic attitudes are not to be confused with the artistic style of the lion which holds no heraldic significance at all. For example; the shape of the lion, length or proportion of limbs, or head of the lion, tufts of hair, etc. is purely decoration and just down to the style of the herald that drew the lion at any one time. This will change over time as each artists interpret the design in their own hand. However the key heraldic features or attitudes must remain the same for the lion to retain its meaning.

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Georgian Lion Rampant Signet Ring   Demi lion Crest Seal Engraved onto a Signet Ring   Signet ring and wax impresison with gothic lion crest   Lion Passant Black Onyx Signet Ring
Georgian Lion
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Demi Lion Rampant
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  Gothic Lion
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Signet ring and wax impresison with gothic lion crest   3 Lions of england or Lions Passant Signet Ring   Grenadier Guards Crest And Badge Cufflinks
Stags Head Cabossed
also see: bespoke
Three Lions
available in: popular
  Grenadier Guards
available in: military
Lion Out of Coronet Crest Ring Signet Ring Featuring An Lion Stylised Scottish Lion Rampant Signet Ring
Lion Out of Coronet
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Stag & Gauntlet
your own design?
  Scottish Lion
available in: popular
reverse oval shape - set with black onyx
seal engraved with lion passant

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Lion Holding Rose crested Signet Ring Lion of St Mark Engraved onto a Titainium Signet Ring
Demi Lion Holding Rose
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Lion of St Mark
available in: religious
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