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Most of the rings, cufflinks, pendants, & desk seals depicted here are non-heraldic symbols or engraving designs or products that have been bespoke commissioned. If you have an unusual design you would like to commission please request a quote. However your Crest or Arms (‘Family Arms Range’ styles only) and many other themes have been costed for you already. Please peruse the ‘Buy Now’ from the menu - Prices & many options available - No need to wait for a quote! Any engraving design featured on this page, without modification, can also be bought today at a preferential rate on our classic range of rings & other products.

Heraldic | Non-Heraldic

  • Three Hares Rabbits Celtic Motif Signet Ringf

    Three Hares Celtic Motif

  • Four Evangelists Eagle St. John Signet Ring

    St. John Eagle - Four Evangelists

  • Austrian Hungary Imperial Eagle Signet Ring

    Austrian Imperial Eagle

  • Cigar Band Ring With a Bespoke Cypher Monogram

    Cigar Band Cypher

  • Welsh Dragon Signet Ring Enamelled Red

    Welsh Dragon (Enamelled Red)

  • Desk Seal engraved with an ornate book and entwined trees

    Book Tree Seal

  • Personalised Chelsea FC Golf Custom Engraved Ball Marker

    Personalised Ball Marker

  • Tattoo Inspired Entwined Celtic Beasts Sardonyx Signet Ring

    Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

  • Custom Silver Signet Ring Engraving from Greek or Roman Classical Period Sculpture

    Classical Sculpture Reproduction

  • Mexican Day of the Dead Festival Engraved on a Silver Signet Ring

    'Day of the Dead' Festival

  • Polish Eagle Signet Ring

    Polish Eagle

  • Royal Arms of Scotland Lion Signet Ring

    Royal Arms of Scotland Lion

  • Caduceus Medicine Medical Symbol Enamelled in Black

    Caduceus Design Ring

  • Three Lions Of England Footbal Emblem Oval Ring

    3 Lions of England

  • Winnie the Pooh Bear Signet Ring

    Winnie the Pooh!

  • Great Seal of USA Signet Ring

    Great Seal Emblem

  • Prince of Wales Feathers Signet Ring (Prince Charles, Prince of Wales)

    Prince of Wales

  • Russian Imperial Eagle Signet Ring & Wax Seal

    Russian Imperial Eagle

  • Chinese Good Luck Symbol Fu Signet Ring

    Good Luck Symbol

  • Old Style Scottish Lion Rampant Signet Ring

    Old Style Scottish

  • Tree of Life Cigar Band Style Ring

    Tree of Life

  • Signet Ring with Bespoke Victorian Style Monogram

    Victorian Monogram

  • Custom Bespoke Chinese Dragon Good Luck Gold Signet Ring

    Good Luck Dragon

  • Bespoke Ornate Shouldered Sculptural Ring Carved with an Angel

    Sculptural Ring

  • The Vatican Seal Engraved On Our Brass & Rosewood Desk Seal

    Desk Seals

  • Sun Wukong the Monkey King & Chinese Dragon Custom Bespoke Ring

    Sun Wukong

  • Oxford University Signet Ring

    School / University Rings

  • Monogram Single Letter S Old English On a Gold Classic Oval Signet Ring

    Monogram Ring

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps Signet Ring

    Napoleon Ring

  • Gold Mini Cigar Band with a Monogram Custom Bespoke Wedding Band

    Mini-Cigar Bands

  • Mermaid Signet Ring

    Mermaid Signet Ring

  • Custom Bespoke Signet Ring With Durham Cathedral Sanctuary Door Knocker

    Sanctuary Door Knocker

  • 'Contemporary Signet Ring' - Engraved with a Custom Bespoke Chinese Tiger & Heart

    Tiger & Heart

  • Celtic Knot Trinity Custom Bespoke Cigar Band Ring

    Celtic Knot Trinity Cigar Band Ring

  • Templar Knight with Sword Signet Ring

    Knights Templar Signet Ring

  • Japanese Mon ‘Crest’ Custom Bespoke Signet Ring Engraved In Sterling Silver

    Japanese Mon 'Crest' Ring

  • Argyll & Sutherland Military Regiment Badge Signet Ring

    Argyll & Sutherland Military

  • Custom Bespoke Pendant Engraved With Virgin Mary - Miraculous Medal Our Lady of Graces

    Our Lady of Graces

  • Chinese Crane Signet Ring Engraved from a Traditional Design

    Chinese Crane

  • Frog or Toad Custom Engraved Signet Ring


  • Bespoke Signet Ring Enammeled Blue Masonic Design


  • Signet Ring Seal Engraved with the Royal Crest

    Royal Crest <

  • Custom Bespoke Signet Ring With Romulus & Remus Seal Engraved from Ancient Roman Depiction

    Romulus & Remus Seal

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