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Latest Blog: | 17th October 2015

The Signet Ring Maker

Although seal engraving to the Jewellery trade since 1969. Dexter Ring’s die stamped signets are now proving as popular as their famous engraving service with both the trade and general public alike. This is due to the artistry of the engraving of course but also the superb quality of the rings themselves. Simon Wright, Head Craftsman and Managing Director believes: “Artistry and a keen eye for detail are as important in creating the elegance and balance of a high quality signet ring as engraving a miniature work of art”.

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Checking The Signet Ring Quailty

Before any engraving can take place a signet ring has to be created, and another craftsman has to do his job, the Ring Maker.

Tempered steel dies press the initial signet ring blank into shape, this is done with heavy machinery and creates the initial form and relieves much of the hard physical work. The curves and the contours of what will become a signet ring are pressed into the precious metal by the finely crafted and honed die. These dies are the Ring Makers most valuable tools. There are many processes which the future signet ring will yet have to pass through, each guided by the craftsman’s skilled hand and experienced eye.

die stamping ring at different stages After the flat stamping has been forged round and resembles something you would recognise as a plain un-engraved signet ring, the ring makers experience and skill comes into its own: If the client prefers a slim, more feminine shoulder, then shape can be altered producing ‘scalloped shape ring’ effect.
Similarly the craftsman’s skill and a pin file can relieve the area inside the shank to produce what is known as a ‘comfort fit’ – a ‘D’ shape on the inside of the signet ring’s band if so desired. Modifications can also be made to the head shape - like a different profile or a softened face edge (examples). Each modification required a deft touch and visual assessment to achieve balance and elegance at every stage.

The Ring Maker's skill with his tools takes many years to perfect, but in just a few minutes he can sculpt a ring of elegance and poise that will be treasured for many years to come.
Crest Ring - Demi Griffin Holding a Sword

Simon and his team are always available to discuss your requirements - +44 (0) 1580 241680

See some finished engraved signet rings | More about the die stamped ring making proces

Blog by Adrian Otten on the 31st July 2015 | with Dexter Rings since 1999

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