Non Standard Signet Ring Quotation

Cigar Band Rings... Size Guide: Recommended Cigar Band Mini Cigar
Notes: Choice is dependent on finger size, size of hand / person, and personal preference. See actual size cut-out guide to make your own mock up cigar band. All bands 2mm thick unless otherwise requested.
Oval Shape Oval Shape   
Cushion Shape Cushion Shape
Extra Broad Extra Broad*
Ladies Little Finger      
Ladies Other Finger  
Gents Little Finger    
Gents Other Finger    
A height of Oval Head in mm 12 14 16 19 8 12
B height of Oval Band in mm 5 6 7 8 6 8
A height of Cushion Head in mm 11 13 15 18 - -
B height of Cushion Band and in mm 4 5 6 7 - -

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Artwork Description:  
For us to complete your quotation we need some idea of the complexity of the engraving you require i.e. - Crest / Shield / Coat of Arms / Logo / Monogram?
  • You may also attach artwork via email please .
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Engraving Style:
Deep For Show - Deep engraved but for show only. see example
Elevated - Key areas of the design are left prominent. see example

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