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Dexter has been perfecting the art of engraving signet rings by hand, since 1969... More

With nearly 50 years’ experience, our philosophy and commitment focuses on the pursuit of perfection and delivery of the finest crafted and engraved classic signets. Our master craftsmen continue to use time honoured skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create your authentic piece of unique and sublime British craftsmanship. Combining traditional handmade skills with continuous innovation, we start by creating only the very finest die-stamped rings upon which to engrave. Dexter have a reputation of making the finest signet rings in the world. Each and every Dexter ring is a bespoke creation made to order, and personalised by you, a true heirloom masterpiece. So confident are we you will love your new signet ring we offer a no quibble money back guarantee.


Rings to Buy Now by Engraving:

  • crest rings


    Your heraldic crest in a ring of your choice

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  • coat of arms


    Your Arms In a selection of styles

    View Arms
  • scottish clan rings


    YOUR Scottish Clan Engraved in ANY Style

    View Clan
  • monogram rings


    Monogram or cipher rings with a choice of font & engraving style

    View Monogram
  • school rings


    Your school college or University

    View School
  • Club Logo


    Club corporate or fraternity emblem badge or logo

    View Club & Logo
  • Ancient & Contemporary Symbols


    Popular Contemporary & Ancient

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  • faith rings


    Browse the Selection or request your own engraving

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  • military rings


    Any military badge from around the world

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  • masonic rings


    Any masonic design browse the suggestions

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Custom Engraving Quote:

Gold Engraved Signet Ring

Gold CUSTOM Engraved

Classic Signet Rings, Cufflinks, Pendants, Seals…

Elaborate arms or other design? Maybe your own artwork or simply an idea? Come see custom examples, choose a ring or other item & let us provide a quotation.

Gemstone Custom Signet Ring

Gemstone CUSTOM Engraved

Gemstone Signet Rings & Other Jewellery...

Any artwork or idea engraved, on a supplied gemstone ring, cufflinks, fob or pendant. Rare & Unique: See the beauty of engraved gemstone rings.

Assorted Signet Rings to Buy Today

Sculptural Rings & Jewellery

With Your Crest, Arms or Any Other Design...

Cigar Bands, Elegance Rings, Sculpted Signets even our Super-Size Ring Range. Take a look at a selection of rings and ideas – Let us inspire you!

Not Just Signet Rings...

We also produce a variety of deep engraved products such as traditional engraved desk seals, both ‘post back’ and ‘chain link’ style engraved cufflinks, pendants.

Apart from precious metal, the price you pay is dependent on the complexity of engraving. Products in popular engraving sections are costed for you, however if the engraving work does not fall into one of these sections you will require a quotation. Please start here to see examples of BUY TODAY and CUSTOM QUOTE only products.

Please take a look here For ring ideas | Request a Quote

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