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Freemasonry & Masonic Examples

As mastercraftsmen we are proud to supply rings for lodges and individual Freemasons as well as those with an interest in Freemasonry. Select any example shown here, or request something completely different!
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Any Masonic engraving shown here OR combination of Masonic ring designs shown here, OR a completely different Masonic design! – FIRST Choose Your Ring: – SEE PRICES / OPTIONS

Easy Ordering: choose your ring & let us know your design - we supply artwork*
*confirmed order only: we supply artwork until you are completely satisfied or your money back.
Customised MC3 With J&B

Masonic 'Square & Compass' Rings

Choose / Modify or Compile Your Own Design

  • Past Master Signet Ring (M1 Elevated Engraved)

    Past Master (M1)

  • Masonic Square Compass Ring with 'G' (M2 Elevated Engraved)

    Square Compass with 'G' (M2)

  • Square & Compass With Monogram (MC5 Traditional Show Engraving)

    Square Compass With Monogram (MC5)

  • Square & Compass and Lodge Number (M31 Mixed Engraving)

    With Lodge Number (M31)

  • Compass and Square Blue (M2e Enamelled)

    Blue Enamelled (M2e)

  • Masonic Square Compass Ring with 'G' (M2 Traditional Show Engraving)

    Square Compass with 'G' (M2)

  • Square & Compass No 'G' (M5 Traditional Show Engraving)

    Square & Compass (M5)

  • Any Motto's or Text!(M2/1 Elevated Engraved)

    Any Motto (M2/1)

  • Cigar Band - Ex Tenebris Lux All - Seeing Eye (M32 Elevated Engraved)

    All Seeing Eye (M32)

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These popular Masonic designs are fully customisable. Why not have your initials, lodge name or motto. Choose or customise your Masonic design – artwork provided for your approval prior to engraving. All available in a choice of engraving: – either traditional seal (reversed), deep for show or elevated for a contemporary look.

You pay for the ring that suits you! – See Ring Options & Prices

Similar Masonic Examples:

Masonic Art Nouveau Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold Masonic Ring with 32nd Degree Rite Shoulder (M1 Elevated Engraved) Square and Compass with 'G' Masonic Cushion Signet Ring - (M2 Elevated Engraved) Cushion Signet Ring Compass & Square (M2 Traditional Show Engraving) Octagonal Signet Ring Compass & Square Traditionally Engraved Masonic Cushion Cigar Style Ring (M2 Elevated Engraved) Litterace Sanctus Quadratum (M2/1 Elevated Engraved) Your Choice of Motto's or Text! (M2/1 Elevated Engraved)

Masonic 'Compilation' Style Rings

Choose / Modify or Compile Your Own

  • Including Pillars of Boaz & Jachin and Motto 'Temet Nosce' Ring (MC1 Elevated Engraved)

    'Temet Nosce' Elevated Style (MC1)

  • Past Master & Motto Sit Lux - Et Lux Fuit Ring (MC2 Elevated Engraved)

    Past Master Sit Lux (MC2)

  • Customised MC3 with J&B Octagonal Ring Clients Own Text (MC3 Elevated Engraved)

    With J&B & Shoulder Engraving (MC3)

  • Masonic trowel and plumb ring (MC9 Traditional Show Engraving)

    Trowel and Plumb (MC9)

  • Masonic MC7 Ring Design - Seal Engraved

    Seal Engraved (MC7)

  • Masonic Pillars : Boaz and Jachin Ring

    Masonic Pillars : Boaz and Jachin Ring (MC3)

  • Paternus Deus Humana Fraternitas

    Paternus Deus Humana Fraternitas (MC7)

  • All Seeing Eye Masonic Ring - MC8

    All Seeing Eye (MC8)

  • Luminary Lodge Badge or ANY Lodge!

    Luminary / ANY Lodge (MC10)

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These examples are what we call 'Masonic Compilation Rings' as they are a collection of Masonic symbols decided by you. You can pick one shown here or modify one of these examples – why not suggest your own! All available in a choice of engraving: – either traditional seal (reversed), deep for show or elevated for a contemporary look. CHOOSE YOUR RING.

Similar Masonic Examples:

Masonic Ring Set With 3 Diamonds (MC3 Elevated Engraved) Titanium Ring (MC3 Elevated Engraved) Clients Choice of Masonic Text (MC3 Elevated Engraved) Includes B & J (MC3 Elevated Engraved) MC3 with Hebrew Text

Additional Custom Options:

For diamond and precious GEMSTONE ENCRUSTED examples see here – these are only suggestions we will need to provide a quotation.

SHOULDER ENGRAVING range of popular suggestions however if you require something else please ask for a quote on your order form – please be realistic about the detail - The area available is only around 6mm square.

Range of CIGAR BAND STYLE RINGS – see the available shapes. These are available by quotation only.

Any elevated engraving style engraving can be filled with enamel. There is a range of colours to choose Find out more about our ENAMELLED ENGRAVED RINGS.

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    Gemstone Encrusted
    Set With Precious Stones

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    Cigar Band Style
    Ergonomic & Contemporary

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    Shoulder Engraving
    Selection of Masonic Symbols

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Other Masonic Engraved Ring Designs

Choose / Modify or Suggest Your Own Design

  • M24 Shriners - Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

    Shriners (M24)

  • Knights Templar Ancient Seal

    Knights Templar Ancient Seal (M4)

  • Blackmore Vale Lodge Seal Ring

    Your Lodge Badge (M8)

  • Jesters Billiken Ring

    Jesters Billiken (M6)

  • Knights Templar Emblem (M10) Signet Ring

    Knights Templar Emblem (M10)

  • Jerusalem Cross - Enamelled

    Jerusalem Cross - Enamelled (M11e)

  • Maltese Cross Ring (M12  Elevated Engraved)

    Maltese Cross (M12)

  • Skull & Bones Memento Mori Masonic Ring (M20 Elevated Engraved)

    Memento Mori(M20)

  • Royal Arch Featuring the inscription: ‘Talia Si Jungere Possis Sit Tibi Scire Satis’

    Royal Arch (M22)

  • Art Nouveau Stylised Compass & Square Cigar Band Ring (M33 Elevated Engraved)

    Stylised Compass & Square (M33)

  • Supreme Council of England and Wales Emblem (M7 Seal Engraved)

    Supreme Council (M7)

  • Crusader Arms - With Your Name (M9 Show Engraved)

    Crusader Arms (M9)

  • Masonic Secretary Ring (M25 Elevated Engraved)

    Masonic Secretary (M25)

  • Masonic Lion of Erebouni / Zion Ring

    Lion of Erebouni (M18)

  • Masonic Lion of Zion Ring Elevated

    Lion of Zion (M31)

  • Masonic Mark Degree Ring

    Masonic Mark (M21)

  • Rosicrucian Seal Ring

    Rosicrucian Seal (M23)

  • Knights Templar 'In Hoc Signo Vinces' (M14)

    Templar 'In Hoc Signo Vinces' (M14)

  • Royal Order of Jesters With Mask (M33)

    Order of Jesters (M33)

  • Masonic Cushion Cigar Style Ring

    Cigar Band (M2)

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These popular masonic engraving designs are all available to purchase today on your choice of ring. You can adapt or change any engraving, or give us a completely different masonic design to engrave.

You receive artwork from us and are completely protected by a full refund at any stage of the process should you wish, for whatever reason.

See Ring Options & Prices

Similar Masonic Examples:

Shriners Oval Signet Ring In Red Gold (M24 Seal Engraved) Shriners Wax Seal(M24) Jesters Billiken Ring Your Choice of Text(M6/1 Elevated Engraved) Jerusalem Cross Ring (M11 Elevated Engraved) Royal Arch (M22 Elevated Engraved) Royal Arch M22/e Red Tau Ring (M22 Enamelled) Skull & Bones Seal Ring (M20 Seal Engraved) Skull Monogram Ring (M20/1  Elevated Engraved) Super Nex Victoria Skull & Bones With Cross (M16 Traditional Show Engraving) 33rd Scottish Rite emblem Ring (M29 Traditional Show Engraved) 32nd Scottish Rite - Spec Mea In Deo Es emblem Ring (M28 Elevated Engraved) 30th Scottish Rite emblem Ring (M30 Enamelled) Rosicrucian Elevated Engraved Ring (M23 Elevated Engraved) Rosicrucian Enamelled Signet Ring (M23 Enamelled)