Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Wedding Bands With a Difference

Wedding bands, cigar bands as well as classic signet rings are made to order. Can be engraved with ANY design; your own personal design, a cypher combination of the couples initials, or heraldic designs including combinations of family’s crests or coat of arms.

Mini cigar bands are a popular alternative to classic wedding bands. | Note: if you wish to wear a classic signet ring with a plain band on the ring finger we can customise the signet so the rings sit side by side. | Request a Quote | Engraved Wedding Bands available in any width made & engraved to your personal specification.

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Example Engraved Wedding Bands:

  • Gifts for Best Man or Father of the Bride Elephant Parrot Crest Cufflinks

    Gift for Best Man

  • 4mm Wedding Band Engraved with Heraldic Crest

    Avaiable Upon Request

  • Gang Warily Clan Crest Cigar Band Ring

    Marry The Clan!

  • 5mm Wedding Band Engraved With Swan Crest

    Brushed or Polished Finish

  • 7mm Large Wedding Band with Heraldic Crest

    Large Band With Crest

  • Mini Cigar Band & Plain Wedding Band Engraved with a Cipher of the Couples Initials

    Wedding Cipher

  • 'Union Family Arms' Combining Two Family Shields Cigar Band

    Union of 2 Families

  • Wedding Band One of our Mini Cigar Bands with Engraving from Heraldic Shield

    Mini Cigar Band

  • Wedding in Venice - Small Cigar Band Engraved Lion of St. Mark

    Commemorate the Big Day

  • Given as Bridesmaids Gifts - Pendants Engraved with Heraldry Set with Gemstones

    Bridesmaids Gifts

  • Cigar Band & Plain Wedding Band with Matching Heraldry

    Play With The Heraldry

  • Reverse Oval Signet Ring with Two Family shields

    Come Together

  • Blue Sardonyx Stone Set Signet Ring Demi Eagle Displayed out of a Ducal Coronet

    Stone Engraved Signet Rings Also

  • Pair of Cigar Bands Engraved with a double Coat of Arms of Two Families

    Come Together

  • Desk Seal For Sealing Wedding Invites - With Family Coat of Arms

    For Sealing Wedding Invites

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