Cigar Band Style Ring Depicting an Engraving of Sagittarius

Cigar Bands

Contemporary Ergonomic Organic

This contemporary shape ring has an organically curved head that reflects the contours of the wearer’s finger. Termed 'cigar band' because of its similarity to the decorative wrapping of expensive cigars. Each band is individually crafted to be the definitive bespoke ergonomic signet ring.

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Please Note: Appearance of a signet ring is dependent on the finger size i.e. photo of a ring with a small band will make the head look proportionately bigger, conversely if shown in a larger band will make the head look proportionately smaller.

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  • Gang Warily Clan Crest Cigar Band Ring

    Mini Cigar Band

  • Cigar Band's Work Well When Most of the Band is Used - Ornate Coat of Arms

    Use All The Band!

  • Phoenix Engraved Cushion Cigar Band Signet Ring

    Phoenix Cushion Cigar

  • Extra Broad with Bespoke Coat of Arms

    Extra Broad

  • Cigar Band Ring With a Bespoke Cypher Monogram

    Cigar Band Cypher

  • Cigar Band Family Arms Style Arms

    Family Arms

  • Bespoke Signet Ring Enammeled Blue Masonic Design


  • Tree of Life Cigar Band Style Ring

    Tree of Life

  • Celtic Knot Trinity Custom Bespoke Cigar Band Ring

    Celtic Knot Trinity Cigar Band Ring

  • Gold Mini Cigar Band with a Monogram Custom Bespoke Wedding Band

    Mini-Cigar Bands

  • Family Arms Style Cigar Band

    Family Arms Style

  • Side on view of Fitzpatrick coat-of-arms cigar band ring to show weight

    Heavyweight as Standard

  • Arms Range Coat-of-arms cigar for Family Stone

    Family Arms Range Cigar

  • Dead Head Skull Cigar Band Ring

    Dead Head Skull

  • Old Style Scottish Lion Rampant Cigar Band Ring

    Old Style Scottish Lion

  • 32nd Rite Masonic Cushion Shape Cigar Band Style Ring

    Masonic Cushion Shape

  • Use the band for engraving - Mini Masonic Cigar Band

    Use the band for engraving - Mini Masonic Cigar Band

  • Pair of cigar bands engraved with a double coat of arms Pearson

    Double Coat of Arms

  • Arabic Silver Cigar Band Ring

    Extra Broad Arabic Arms

  • Made up 'Coat of Arms' Style Design - Wedding Cigar Band Seal Engraved Example

    Made up 'Coat of Arms' Style Design

  • coat of arms cigar band cushion shape ring

    Coat of Arms Cushion Shape

  • Elevated Engraved - Caduceus Symbol of Medicine - Mini Cigar

    Elevated Engraved

  • Heraldic Charges Engraved on a Mini Cigar Band

    "Heraldic Charges Mini Cigar

  • Union Design - Two Family Shields Cigar Ring

    Two Shields Combined!

  • Cushion Ring - Gothic Rampant Lion Personalised with Symbols

    Personalise Any Way You Like

  • Heraldic Arms Cigar Band Seal Ring Modern Shape

    Modern Shape

  • Make the Most of the Available Width - Venetian Lion of st. Mark Passant Cigar Ring

    Make the Most of the Width

  • Choose a Popular Image Or Symbol - Masonic Compass & Square Ex Tenebris Lux Cigar Ring

    Choose a Popular Symbol

  • Modern & Ancient - Heraldic Shield with Tincture Cigar Band Ring

    Modern & Ancient

  • Traditional & Contemporary - Shield and Crest Engraving

    Traditional & Contemporary

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