Gem Encrusted Signet Rings

Gemstone Encrusted

Customise Your New Signet Ring

Bling up your ring - Make a bold statement with larger precious gemstones set on their own: into the shoulders or as a larger solitaire stone on the face of your signet ring. Or create a more subtle effect with smaller gemstones, set into the engraved design – As part of the engraving of your shield or crest.

Although you can add small gemstones to your online purchase, to ensure you get the result you require we will always confirm the details and price with you before proceeding with your commission. The larger stones WILL NEED TO BE QUOTED FOR - So if bling is your thing please let us know!

Gemstone setting could add 2 weeks to your lead time.

Small stones within the engraving (smallest): Diamonds + ADD £150 | $210 - Ruby / Emerald / Sapphire + ADD £95 | $135

Larger stones set on their own (i.e. on the bare shoulder or larger solitaire on the face): Diamonds FROM + ADD £300 | $420 - Ruby Emerald Sapphire FROM £190 | $266

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  • Emerald set into one of our ornate 'Sculptural Signet Ring'

    Sculptural Ring

  • Crest Ring Set With Large Impact Sapphires in the Shoulders

    Large Shoulder Sapphires

  • University Ring engraving personalised with the Smallest Ruby & Sapphire

    Accent The Engraving

  • Coat of Arms Ring with Very Special Large Princess Cut Diamonds

    Special Princess Cut Diamonds

  • Subtle Ruby & Diamond Stones Set Within the Engraving

    Subtle Stones in the Engraving

  • Masonic Ring with Small Diamonds as part of the engraving on face and shoulders

    Small Diamonds as Part of the Engraving

  • Cufflinks Set with a Ruby

    Cufflinks Set with Ruby

  • Phoenix Crest with Single Ruby

    Phoenix Crest with Single Ruby

  • Subtle Stone Set Within Shoulder Engraving

    Subtle Stones Within Engraving

  • Subtle Amathyst Sapphire & Diamond Set Within Engraving

    Amathyst Sapphire & Diamond

  • Solitare as Part of this Holy Scripture Engraving

    Solitare as Part of Design

  • Tiny Sapphire Gemstone Accent in the Engraved Design

    Accent the Engraving

  • Engraving Designed Around a Larger Solitaire Diamond

    Engraving Designed Around Solitaire

  • Rubies as Part of the Heraldry Compliment This Goodwin Family Arms Ring

    Compliment The Heraldry

  • Seven Headed Serpant Clients Bespoke Design

    Clients Bespoke Drawing

  • Rubies as Part of the Heraldry Compliment This McKeown Shield Ring

    Bespoke Mounts - Shield Ring

  • Rubies as Part of the Heraldry Compliment This Dennis Coat of Arms Ring

    As Part of the Heraldry

  • Knights Templar Ancient Seal Ring Set with a Sapphire

    Sculptural Ring

  • Richardson Family Arms Ring Set With a Solitaire Amethyst

    Solitaire Amethyst

  • School Ring Personalised with Large Sapphire Diamond Shoulders

    Large Sapphire Diamond Shoulders

  • Rubies Designed ino this Bespoke Coat of Arms Ring

    Rubies Designed ino this Bespoke Arms

  • Engraved Around This Solitaire Ruby Complimenting this Client Imagined Balinese 'Family Arms' Style Ring

    Engraved Around Solitaire

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