Prince of Wales Feathers 'Ich-Dien-Signet-Ring' famous signet ring

Popular Symbols

National Emblems & Other Engraved Symbols

Popular symbols & emblems like the English Three Lions, Welsh Dragon, Great Seal of USA, or Polish Eagle although originating in heraldry have become popular & familiar symbols today. These designs provide an engraved ring that is great to purchase as a quality gift, while still providing symbolism & importance that is personal to the wearer.

These engraved designs are easier for us to produce as bespoke artwork is not provided. As such any engraving featured on this page, without modification, can be bought today at a preferential rate on our classic range of gold and silver rings & other products.


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  • Knights Templar Ancient Seal Ring in 14ct Yellow Gold

    Knights Templar Ancient Seal (M4)

  • Tudor Rose 2 Emblem Signet Ring

    Tudor Rose 2

  • Bacchus / Dionysus God of Wine Signet Ring & Seal

    Bacchus / Dionysus

  • Octopussy Octopus 2 Signet Ring

    Octopussy / Octopus 2

  • Owl of Athena Signet Ring

    Owl of Athena

  • Phoenix Engraved out of flaming nest signet ring

    Phoenix Out of Flames

  • Smoking Skull In Top Hat Signet Ring

    Dapper Smoking Skull

  • Mayan Calendar Signet Ring

    Mayan Calendar

  • Maltese Cross Enamelled Signet Ring

    Enamelled Maltese Cross

  • Signet Ring Seal Engraved with the Royal Crest

    Royal Crest <

  • Tree of Life Cigar Band Style Ring

    Tree of Life

  • Old Style Scottish Lion Rampant Signet Ring

    Old Style Scottish

  • Vatican Seal Saint Peter's Crossed Keys Signet Ring

    Vatican Seal

  • Viking compass or Vegvisir Norse run

    Viking Compass or Vegvisir

  • Chinese Crane Signet Ring Engraved from an Ancient Design - Next for More

    Chinese Crane

  • Yorksire / Lancashire / Tudor Rose Seal Engraving

    Yorksire / Tudor Rose

  • England Three Lions Red Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

    3 Lions - Gemstone

  • Royal Arms of Scotland Lion Signet Ring

    Royal Arms of Scotland Lion

  • Welsh Dragon Signet Ring Enamelled Red

    Welsh Dragon (Enamelled Red)

  • St. George Slaying Dragon Ring - Replica of the 18c Greek Style original by Benedetto Pistrucci

    St. George - Greek Style

  • Trinacria of Sicily Signet Ring

    Trinacria Sicily

  • In Hoc Signo Vinces Knights Templar Emblem Elevated Engraved Oval Gold Signet Ring

    Templar In Hoc - Elevated

  • Compass Emblem Signet Ring

    Compass Emblem

  • US Marines Signet Ring - With or Without Motto!

    US Marines

  • Royal Marines Signet Ring

    Royal Marines

  • Skull & Bones Memento Mori Masonic Signet Ring

    Memento Mori(M20)

  • Charlemagne signum manus or KAROLVS ancient seal ring - red enamel

    Charlemagne Signum Manus

  • Prince of Wales Feathers Elevated Style

    Prince of Wales Feathers

  • Polish Eagle Signet Ring

    Polish Eagle

  • Prince of Wales Feathers Signet Ring (Prince Charles, Prince of Wales)

    Prince of Wales

  • Three Lions Of England Footbal Emblem Oval Ring

    3 Lions of England

  • Great Seal of USA Signet Ring

    Great Seal Emblem

  • Coat of arms of Haiti Signet Ring

    Arms of Haiti

  • Signet Ring Engraved with Saint Michael the Archangel

    Saint Michael the Archangel

  • Order of Garter Honi-Soit-Qui-Mal-Y-Pense

    Order of Garter

  • Signet Ring Seal Engraved with the Society of the Cincinnati Medal

    Society of Cincinnati

  • St. George Slaying The Dragon Signet Ring - Depiction from Military Badge

    St. George - Military Style

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps Signet Ring

    Napoleon Ring

  • Oriental Style Phoenix Signet-Ring

    Oriental Phoenix

  • Pallas Greek Head Elevated on a Titainium Signet

    Pallas Greek Head

  • Day of the Dead Festival Mexican Skull Red Gold Signet Ring

    'Day of the Dead' Festival

  • Austrian Hungary Imperial Eagle Signet Ring

    Austrian Imperial Eagle

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  • Oriental Chinese Dragon Signet Ring

    Oriental Chinese Dragon

  • Allah Moon Crecent Star enamelled signet ring

    Moon & Star

  • Caduceus Medicine Medical Symbol Enamelled in Black

    Caduceus Design Ring

  • Garuda Indonesia Tarkshya Vynateya Hindu Buddist Engraving


  • Royal Airforce badge engraved signet

    Royal Airforce Badge

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