Heraldically Engraved Gold Pendant With Enamelled Blue Heraldic Shield

Desk Seals

Engraved Desk Seal for Wax Impressions

We seal engrave any design on to a desk seal. Our standard seal is shown below, with a solid brass 25mm diameter head, complemented with a polished rosewood or oak handle. Different shapes and sizes of head are available by special request, normally an additional £50 - Please complete the order form and we will confirm the cost with you before proceeding. Using ancient skills passed down from one generation to the next, we traditionally seal engrave our desk seals; This means the engraving is deep and three dimensional. The desk seal is then capable of creating strong and clear wax seals or impressions with ease after a little practice. Making excellent gifts, all our desk seals are supplied in an attractive black pouch - complimentary wax sticks and a presentation wax seal of your engraved design are included.

'Buy Now' Price Includes the Following Engraved Designs (please click for examples) Heraldic Crest | 'Family Arms Range' | Clan Badge | School or Club Badge | Popular Symbols:

 Desk Seal - 25mm Roswood / Oak Handle:

 Engraved With YOUR: Crest | Family Arms | Clan | Club Badge


 Bespoke Design: 








For a custom design that doesn’t fall into one of these categories, for example a bespoke or ornate coat of arms (where a ‘Family Arms Range’ won’t do), please request a quote.


  • Kent Horse Seal with Red Wax Impression

    Kent Horse Crest

  • Ornate Custom Heraldic Arms & Ribbon Seal

    Ornate Custom Heraldic Arms

  • Double Headed Eagle Habsburg Coat-of-Arms Desk Seal Bag & Supplied Wax Sticks

    Desk Seal with Bag & Supplied Wax Sticks

  • Great Seal of USA With Oak Handle

    Great Seal Oak Handle

  • Japanese Crane Wax Seal

    Traditional Japanese Crane

  • Bishop of Maryland Seal - Non Standard Shape Head ADD +£50

    Bishops Seal

  • Vatican Seal The Holy See Thistle Border

    Vatican Seal - Holy See

  • Japanese Crane Sunrise Sunset & Tree

    Japanese Crane

  • Rosewood wax seal box ADD +£50

    Wax Seal Box

  • Vatican City Wax Seal

    Vatican City Seal

  • Ornate Custom Scottish Heraldic Arms & Ribbon Engraved Seal

    Scottish Coat of Arms

  • Dutch Coat of Arms Desk Seal Bespoke Arms

    Bespoke Arms

  • 'Plantagenet Style' Coat of Arms from our 'Family Arms Range'

    Family Arms Range

  • Bespoke Desk Seal Box

    Bespoke Box

  • Seven Headed Serpant Clients Bespoke Design

    Clients Bespoke Drawing

  • Bespoke Desk Seal Box

    Bespoke Boxes

  • Desk Seal With Two Entwined Trees & Book Bespoke Design

    Bespoke Tree Book Entwined

  • Sea Creature 'Crest' - Weedy Sea Dragon - Bespoke Shape ADD +£50

    Weedy Sea Dragon

  • Clients Letter of thanks using his new desk seal

    Clients Letter

  • Shield Coronet & Boar Supporters Desk Seal Add +£50 Non-Standard Shape Head

    Shield & Boar Supporters

  • Desk Seal Engraved From Client's Painting

    Client's Painting

  • Desk Seal With Coat of Arms Horse Regardant Supporters

    Horse Supporters

  • Vatican City Accountants Dept. Seal

    Vatican City Seal

  • Ancient Carthaginian Coin Replica

    Replica Ancient Design

  • Great Seal of USA Rosewood Handle

    Great Seal Rosewood Handle

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