Green Agate Signet Ring Seal Engraved With Heron Crest

Sculpted Desk Seal - Owl

This finely carved owl, cast in solid silver, boasts a generous 35mm diameter head and is a commanding and magnificent beast to adorn any desk or study. A few words from the artist:

Pictured: Great Owl Desk Seal - Height 100mm (4")
Weight aprox 197g in silver
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Owl Desk Seal Front
Owl Desk Seal Back

"The desk seal is an item of final approval, sealing the knowledge that what is written here is right and correct. As a typical personification of wisdom, it makes sense this object formed as an owl."

Sculpted from the patience of a master craftsman, its detail, and captured essence of the owl is uncompromised by the function it preforms as a seal. Its lightly textured surface is pleasant to hold making the action of sealing an action to be savoured for its tradition."

"As a seal it is used to protect the knowledge of the contained letter, so too does this avatar of knowledge safeguard the traditionally engraved seal."

Morgan Morey is an award winning sculptor & creator of the ‘Owl Desk Seal’
Artist with Dexter for 18 months

Owl Desk Seal Side
Owl Desk Seal & Wax Impression

The Great Owl Desk Seal is exclusive to Dexter, in solid silver priced from £2000. Other Precious metals and gold leaf available.