Green Agate Signet Ring Seal Engraved With Heron Crest

Sculpted Gemstone Signet

The decorative ring is a break from the traditional classic die-stamped Dexter ring. This fine example was crafted in 9ct yellow gold with precision and traditional techniques within the Dexter workshop.

Example is shown set with a carnelian gemstone, hand engraved by master craftsman William Wright.

Carnelian (more carnelian signet ring examples) is a slightly translucent gemstone, so the open back allows the light through showing the true beauty of this natural stone and its engraving.

These rings are also available with an engraved solid gold face or set with any gemstone for something really rare indeed.

Left: Sculpted Signet Ring Set with Seal Engraved Carnelian
Below: Wax impression Taken From Actual Ring

Sculpted Gemstone Signet Ring
Wax Impression Taken From Sculpted Gemstone Signet Ring

These rings are truly concept pieces, while any style of shoulder and shank sculpting can be achieved it is necessary for the client to have a good idea of what is required before commencement of the commission; this is important so not to waste the clients time, and to prevent design costs spiralling. In this instance we replicated a design from a ring in the clients own possession so we had a clear starting point on which to provide an estimate. Our craftsman can work from any source material including found images, photos, or drawings / sketches.

This gemstone ring retailed at just over £1600 See more bespoke seal engraved signet rings

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