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Bespoke Ring Examples - Any Worldwide Military Badge or Regiment

We are proud to represent your regiment, battalion, squadron, or unit etc. We supply signet rings internationally, just let us know your emblem and we will carefully craft your commemorative piece with the respect and craftsmanship it deserves. Uniquely we show large clear images to demonstrate the quality of our work - please take time to browse these examples. ANY emblem possible - all these engravings were designed with the client to their specification.

Choose Your Ring | ANY Regiment | ANY Emblem | We Provide Artwork Prior to Engraving*

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  • Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Military seal engraved ring

    Royal Fusiliers / Seal

  • Signet With Royal Naval Crown Coronet & Date

    Naval Coronet

  • Royal Marines Gold Signet Ring

    Royal Marines

  • Merchant Navy Elevated Engraved Ring

    Merchant Navy

  • Royal Artillery cap badge octagonal ring

    Royal Artillery

  • Royal Airforce badge engraved signet

    Royal Airforce

  • French Foreign Legion Signet Ring Enamelled - We worked with the client to achieve this design

    Foreign Legion

  • Ordre National de la Legion d Honneur Seal Ring

    Legion d Honneur

  • United States Army Special Forces military insignia engraved in green agate

    US Special Forces

  • RAF Cap Badge Signet Ring

    RAF Cap Badge

  • Merchant Navy cushion shape signet ring

    Merchant Navy / Seal

  • Black Watch Regiment Traditional Seal Ring

    Black Watch / Seal

  • Prince of Wales Ring Elevated Style Signet

    Prince of Wales Elevated

  • Prince of Wales Regiment Traditional Seal Ring

    Prince of Wales Traditional

  • Coldstream Guards Military Badge Signet Ring

    Coldstream Guards

  • United States Navy Ring - Personalise as Required

    United States Navy

  • Royal Navy Signet Ring Hong Kong HMS Peacock - With Shoulder Engravings

    HMS Peacock

  • Argyll & Sutherland Regiment Signet Ring Available Seal or Show

    Argyll & Sutherland

  • London Scottish Regiment Cushion Ring

    London Scottish

  • U.S. Army Diver Cushion Shape Ring / Traditional

    Army Diver Cushion Ring

  • Royal Air Force Seal Ring - ANY BADGE

    Royal Air Force

  • Royal Air Force cap badge - ANY BADGE or INSIGNIA

    Cap Badge

  • Royal Marines Signet Ring

    Royal Marines

  • US Marines Signet Ring - With or Without Motto!

    US Marines

  • USMC Marines Signet Ring Elevated Style

    USMC Signet Ring / Elevated

  • Royal Fusilliers Signt Ring

    Royal Fusilliers

  • Royal Intelligence Corps Signet Ring

    Intelligence Corps

  • Royal Crest Seal Ring - Available With 'Seal' or 'Show' Engraving!

    Royal Crest

  • Parachute Regiment 'Reverse Oval' Signet Ring - ANY RING!

    Parachute Regiment

  • Royal Signals Regiment Signet Ring

    Royal Signals

  • Royal Scots Grenadier Guards Seal Ring Example

    Grenadier Guards

  • SAS Signet Ring

    SAS Emblem

  • Grenadier Guards Cufflinks

    Grenadier Guards

  • Sea Horse Naval Coronet Crest Coronet Signet Ring

    Naval Coronet Crest

  • Order of the British Empire Medal Tie Pin

    OBE Medal Tie Pin

  • French Foreign Legion Ring & Seal

    French Foreign Legion

  • Airborne Forces Pegasus Traditional Seal Ring

    Airborne Pegasus

  • Ordnance Explosives Bomb Disposal Insignia

    Ordnance Disposal

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