Selection of Heraldic Crests Rings - Example shows a Signet Ring Engraved With an Eagle Displayed Crest

Heraldic Crests

Heraldic Crest Ring Examples

With more than a lifetime experience traditionally hand engraving crest rings, Dexter are the only seal engravers producing this level of artistic quality in the world today. Please dont take our word for it, enlarge the crest ring images to see the detail. | Alternativly See: Coat of Arms Rings

If you order today we will confirm your crest artwork with you prior to commencing any work. If you don’t have a crest, we will make suggestions. If you don’t like any on offer you can suggest your own or obtain a full refund. If you do not know your crest, please use our personal crestArchive service.

Example rings engraved with heraldic crests (below) gold & silver rings available to purchase now with YOUR crest SEE PRICES & OPTIONS | Gemstone rings available by quote only

Crest Ring Examples

  • Blue Sardonyx Gemstone Demi Lion Crest Ring

    Demi Lion Gemstone

  • Crest Ring Heart Wings Ducal Coronet

    Heart Between Wings/span>

  • Stag 'couchant' crest & motto reverse oval ring

    Reverse Oval Ring

  • Lion Rampant & Flag Crest on an Octagonal Ring

    Lion & Flag Crest Ring

  • Sea Lion Heraldic Crest on a Round Pendant

    Sea Lion Crest Pendant

  • Sun In Splendor Crest Ring

    Sun in Splendor Crest

  • Signet ring engraved with a cockertrice head erased heraldic crest

    Cockertrice Head

  • Owl Skull Scroll Crest Signet Ring

    Owl Skull & Scroll

  • Signet Ring Engraved With Demi Lion Regardant Holding an Oak Branch Crest

    Lion Regardant Crest

  • Swivel / Post Cufflinks With Cat / Leopard Head Crest

    Cat / Leopard Crest Links

  • Leopard Crest Chain Cufflinks

    Leopard Crest Cufflinks

  • Heraldic Sea Horse & Coronet Crest Ring

    Heraldic Sea Horse

  • Elephant Crest Ring

    Elephant Crest Ring

  • Double Headed Serpant Entwined Crest Ring

    Entwined Serpant Crest

  • Cornelian Eagle Displayed

    Cornelian Eagle Displayed

  • Signet ring engraved with lion & tribal shield crest

    lion & tribal shield

  • Red Sardonyx Crest Ring Demi Lion & Shoulder Engraving

    Sardonyx Crest Ring

  • Eagle Head 'Erased' (torn off!) Crest

    Eagle Head 'Erased'

  • Flying Boar Crest Ring

    Flying Boar Ring

  • Traditional Crest of Heron Holding Snake Seal Engraved onto a Signet Ring

    Heron Holding Snake

  • Crest Ring - Demi Griffin Holding a Sword

    Demi Griffin

  • Heraldic Crest Depicting a Griffins Head

    Griffins Head Crest

  • Cockertrice Heraldic Crest Signet Ring

    Cockertrice Crest Ring

  • Phoenix Crest Cigar Band Ring

    Phoenix Crest

  • Traditional Crest of a Sailing Ship

    Sailing Ship Crest

  • Demi Lion Rampant Ducally Gorged Crest Ring

    Lion Ducally Gorged

  • Castle Wreath Crest Ring

    Castle Crest Ring

  • Crystaphase Signet Ring Seal Engraved With Pterolycus Winged Dog

    Crystaphase Signet Ring

  • Eagle Rising Naval Coronet & Anchor

    Naval Eagle Coronet & Anchor

  • Eagle Holding Swords Crest Ring

    Eagle Crest Ring

  • Red Sardonyx Signet Ring Seal Engraved with a Lion Rampant

    Sardonyx Lion Rampant

  • Crest Ring Depicting a 'Moorish' Mans Head

    Mans Head Crest

  • Hedgehog & Book Crest

    Hedgehog & Book

  • griffins Heads & Feather Crest Ring

    Griffins & Feather Crest

  • Lion of st. Mark Heraldic Crest Holding Lozenge

    Lion of St. Mark Heraldic Crest

  • Stags Head Cabossed Traditional Crest

    Stags Head Cabossed

  • Demi Lion Rampant Collared Escutcheon Cross Corosslet Crest Ring

    Demi Lion Rampant

  • Signet ring engraved with crest of Stag laying down arrows bird

    Stag & Bird

  • Custom Elephant & Parrot Heraldic Crest Cufflinks

    Elephant & Parrot

  • Lion Holding Axe Crest Ring

    Lion Holding Axe

  • Signet Ring With Crest Arm Hand Holding Oak

    Hand Holding Oak

  • Stags Head Gauntlet Heraldic Crest

    Stags Head Gauntlet

  • Traditional Man with Sythe Crest Ring

    Man with Sythe

  • Lion Holding Bleeding Heart Crest Cushion Ring

    Lion Holding Bleeding Heart

  • Stag standing under tree guardant heraldic crest signet ring

    Stag Under Tree

More Crest Ring Examples...

Despite what some people think, a crest is actually part of a coat of arms. An example full arms is depicted on the left. The crest, as the word suggests, like the crest of a bird, or the crest of a wave, is the top part of a coat of arms. A crest is denoted by a wreath sometimes called a torse; this is the rope at the bottom of the emblem used to tie the crest to the helmet of the arms. The crest may somtimes include a motto within a ribbon within the engraving.

LEFT: Typical Coat of Arms - Red: Showing the Crest
RIGHT: Crest Ring Example: Crest denoted by the wreath (rope at the bottom)
What is a Crest - Parts of a Coat of Arms