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Non Heraldic Bespoke Designs

Custom Engraving Examples - ‘Buy Today' on a Ring of Your Choice

Example engraved rings, cufflinks, pendants, & desk seals depicted here are non-heraldic symbols, engraved designs or products that have been bespoke commissioned.

Most rings are available to BUY TODAY on our site BY ENGRAVING but If you have an unusual design you would like to commission please request a quote. Alternatively Please peruse the ‘BUY TODAY’ from the menu above for prices & options - No need to wait for a quote!

Any engraving design featured on this page, without modification, can also be bought today at a preferential rate on our classic range of rings & other products.



Heraldic | Non-Heraldic

  • Four Evangelists Eagle St. John Signet Ring

    St. John Eagle - Four Evangelists

  • Three Hares Rabbits Celtic Motif Signet Ringf

    Three Hares Celtic Motif

  • couple looking at stars seal ring

    Couple Looking at Stars

  • Personalised Chelsea FC Golf Custom Engraved Ball Marker

    Personalised Ball Marker

  • Desk Seal engraved with an ornate book and entwined trees

    Book Tree Seal

  • Tattoo Inspired Entwined Celtic Beasts Sardonyx Signet Ring

    Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

  • Wolf Face Signet Ring

    Wolf Face

  • signet ring with two chinese dragons entwined

    Entwined Chinese Dragons

  • Lady On Horse Pelican Mythical Signet Ring

    Mythical Lady on Horse

  • Mermaid Signet Ring

    Mermaid Signet Ring

  • Custom Silver Signet Ring Engraving from Greek or Roman Classical Period Sculpture

    Classical Sculpture Reproduction

  • Winnie the Pooh Bear Signet Ring

    Winnie the Pooh!

  • Tree of Life Cigar Band Style Ring

    Tree of Life

  • Signet Ring with Bespoke Victorian Style Monogram

    Victorian Monogram

  • Bespoke Ornate Shouldered Sculptural Ring Carved with an Angel

    Sculptural Ring

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  • Monogram Single Letter S Old English On a Gold Classic Oval Signet Ring

    Monogram Ring

  • Templar Knight with Sword Signet Ring

    Knights Templar Signet Ring

  • Custom Bespoke Signet Ring With Durham Cathedral Sanctuary Door Knocker

    Sanctuary Door Knocker

  • 'Contemporary Signet Ring' - Engraved with a Custom Bespoke Chinese Tiger & Heart

    Tiger & Heart

  • Celtic Knot Trinity Custom Bespoke Cigar Band Ring

    Celtic Knot Trinity Cigar Band Ring

  • Japanese Mon ‘Crest’ Custom Bespoke Signet Ring Engraved In Sterling Silver

    Japanese Mon 'Crest' Ring

  • Argyll & Sutherland Military Regiment Badge Signet Ring

    Argyll & Sutherland Military

  • Custom Bespoke Pendant Engraved With Virgin Mary - Miraculous Medal Our Lady of Graces

    Our Lady of Graces

  • Chinese Crane Signet Ring Engraved from a Traditional Design

    Chinese Crane

  • Frog or Toad Custom Engraved Signet Ring


  • Signet ring red stone engraved with rose design

    Red Rose Sardonyx

  • Signet Engraved with Lion Face Portrait

    Lion Face Portrait

  • Custom Bespoke Signet Ring With Romulus & Remus Seal Engraved from Ancient Roman Depiction

    Romulus & Remus Seal

  • Cigar Band Ring With a Bespoke Cypher Monogram

    Cigar Band Cypher

  • Signet ring engraved with woman looking out to sea DUM SPIRO, SPERO

  • Round signet ring engraved with bee & stars

    Bee & Stars

  • Sun Wukong the Monkey King & Chinese Dragon Custom Bespoke Ring

    Sun Wukong

  • Gold Mini Cigar Band with a Monogram Custom Bespoke Wedding Band

    Mini-Cigar Bands

  • Ring with King Tutankhamun Egyptian Hyroglif

    Egyptian Pharaoh

  • Alsatian dog pet portrait elevated style pendant

    Pet Portrait

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps Signet Ring

    Napoleon Ring

  • Howling Wolf Head Signet

    Howling Wolf Head

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