Sculptural Signet Rings Seal Engraved with Heraldic Ornate Fleur Dis Lis

Sculptural Rings

Contemporary Ergonomic Organic

These unique extra heavyweight signet rings are high precision cast with custom deep relief sculptural shoulder designs. As with our classic die-stamped signets, the face is deep engraved in the traditional way with a design of your choice.

Each shoulder style can be created for you with either: oval / cushion / octagonal / or round face to suit your preference and face engraving.

All shoulder styles are available with gemstone, approx twice the cost due to the specialist nature of stone engraving. Please see our gemstone section for more information about stones offered.

Shoulder designs are all available with or without the shoulder border which can help protect the detail.

As with all our rings, these are available in a range of head sizes and full range of hallmarked precious metal options. So while we offer a price guide these rings are very much a bespoke product so should you require a quote we will need your specific requirements.

Sculptural designs shown here FROM £1600 (9ct Gold / ‘Large’ 16mm high face) - Custom shoulder designs available at extra cost. Get a Quote

See what suits you: Print out ring face guide at actual size

Print out Ring Head Size Guide at Actual Size


  • Ornate Sculptural Shoulder Ring Carved with our Angel Design


  • Ornate Sculptural Shoulder Ring Carved with our Thistle Design / Cushion / Gemstone


  • Deep Scroll shoulder design flooded with deep relief & the more constrained Bordered Scroll

    Deep Scroll / Bordered Scroll

  • Tulip Sculptural Ring - Deep relief with Tulip floral design / Reverse Cushion Shape Face / Gemstone

    Tulip / Stone

  • 'Bordered Scroll' Sculptural Ring - Lower scroll relief protected by plain border - Set with Emeralds

    Bordered Scroll / Gemset

  • Ornate Floral Sculptural Design / Cushion / Gemstone - ANY shape face, with or without stone


  • Flamboyant Deep Scroll shoulder design flooded with deep relief - With or without stone

    Deep Scroll / Stone

  • Ornate Floral Sculptural Design Shoulder - Cushion Shape Face - Any Shape Available


  • Tulip Shoulder Coat of Arms Ring

    Tulip / Cushion or Oval

  • Contemporary Alcázar style geometric patten

    Alcázar / Enamel

  • Elegance Style with Custom Shoulder Infill

    Custom Elegance

  • Like our Elegance Ring but with an ornate custom shoulder infill

    Custom Elegance

  • Elegant Classical Leaf Sculptural Ring Cushion / Stone Set (Onyx)

    Classical Leaf

  • Custom Gothic Skull Ornate Sculptural Shoulder


  • Classical Leaf Deep Relief with or without gemstone

    Classical Leaf / Carnelian

  • Custom Bacchus god of wine Sculptural Ring

    Bacchus / Octagonal

  • Sculptural rings have a plain back to allow for resizing

    Plain Back

  • Art Nouveau Style Shoulder Concept Signet Ring

    Nouveau Concept

  • Elegance Style Ring

    Elegance / Metal

  • Monogramed Ladies 'Elegance' Bloodstone Signet Ring - Script / Traditional

    Elegance / Stone

  • Rococo Sculptural Concept Signet Ring

    Rococo Concept

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