Green Agate Signet Ring Seal Engraved With Heron Crest

Desk Seal Commission: ‘Nita’

This recent commission is a large desk seal. The reference material is an original artwork (depicted below) by John Kohlepp Jr. and commissioned by our client in memory of her mother, Wanita. It is based upon Wanita's favourite poem, " Abou Ben Adhem" by James Henry Leigh Hunt.

The artwork titled ‘Nita’ depicts the clients own antique desk and inkwell which are important personal pieces for the client.

Right: Finished Desk Seal - Head Size 25mm (1") - Click to enlarge

Nita Desk Seal

In each commission the client gives us great trust and responsibility. The majority of our creations are personal and precious to both the individual client and their family, as these items are destined to become treasured family heirlooms. However being entrusted with creating such a personal piece had added poignancy and was a very special privilege to work upon.

Right: Original artwork, on which the engraving was based - Click to enlarge

Original Nita Artwork

A desk seal of 25mm in diameter is an unusual commission for us as most of our work is on much smaller signet rings. Every engraving is special, however the larger working area does present the opportunity to work in a different way - with more room for extra detail. While only a few extra millimetres to the layperson seems inconsequential, it makes a huge difference for our craftsmen. When used to working in miniature the extra space is a real luxury. Our thanks to this client who has allowed us to take this opportunity to share this unique and personal piece.

Right: Place cursor over wax impression to see detail

Actual size of the wax impression is 25mm in diameter.
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Wax seal or impression taken from desk seal | actual size 25mm diameter