Green Agate Signet Ring Seal Engraved With Heron Crest

Reproduction Carthaginian Coins 320BC

Our client is a retired Infantry Officer and as such holds a keen interest in military history. He informed us that these two pieces reflect the reverse side of two different Carthaginian silver tetradrachm coins that were minted to pay Carthage mercenaries in the first Punic War, circa 320BC.

”I had always marveled at the skill of those ancient engravers to produce such incredible detail in their dies & thought this commission would be fun for my correspondence with my fellow veterans.”

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Punic Horse's Head - Carthaginian Coin Design Engraved onto a Desk Seal
Punic Horse Carthaginian Coin

”Please know that your engravers exceeded all of my expectations and really brought these seals to life. I made my first impressions using silver wax… …& it took my breath away. I was staring at perfect images of 2400 year old designs. 320 BC was brought to life - time travel via a wax seal.”

Thank you to our valued client for entrusting us with this commission and providing background details for this piece.

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