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Finger Size Measurement For a Signet Ring

Adrian Otten 7th July 2016 Finger Size, Signet Ring

Unsurprisingly we often get asked advice about finger sizes. Gauges are available free upon request, and can be delivered within a couple of days depending on where you are in the world. Upon receiving the finger gauge you will quickly get to grips with this simple well designed device. Wrapped around the finger the tail end passes through a purpose made loop clearly showing the marked finger size. Instructions are provided.

When in place, the gauge should just lightly tug on the fleshy part of the finger, where the ring will sit. Important to note that this should be done without restricting blood flow! The finished ring will bed in overtime creating a slight groove in the finger. Remember the actual signet ring has a larger contact area than the gauge, especially talking the head into account, this will help give the finished piece stability and comfort.

Half and even quarter sizes are an option, while they are only tiny measurements, these small increments are especially important on small finger sizes.

finger size - measuring your finger for a signet ring

Please bear in mind the ambient temperature can make a big difference to your finger size - the difference between cold and warm hands can add or subtract a size or two to a larger man’s finger. This is can be a problem on a cold winter’s day when a client walks in from the street to their nicely heated local jewellery shop.While jewellers are highly skilled at taking a finger size measurement, and are usually more than happy to provide the service for the possibility of a sale, the result can sometimes prove a little tight when wearing the finished ring in the comfort of your own home. So try and warm the hands up thoroughly before having your finger sized, and if visiting your local shop discuss this at the time with your jeweller.

Die stamped rings are straight forward to resize, as you would expect to do over a lifetime of wear. Should you choose to make your purchase through Dexter Rings, all our rings are die-stamped, and we offer a free re-size with every purchase. We can usually carry this out on the day of receipt and send back to you the same or next day.

Finger gauges are available via post upon request, but if it is a surprise gift then we can also estimate the prospective wearers finger size based on a description of the individual. As we have supplied many thousands of rings over the years it is unsurprising how often we can get it spot on! Even if the finger size is not quite accurate it would allow the recipient to wear the ring on the day and for us to resize to perfection after the presentation.

If you prefer not to wait for a free finger gauge to arrive in the post, we can create a signet ring from a simple measurement of the circumference of your finger. You can do this with any robust, non-stretchy material (such as fuse wire). Wrap firmly around the finger, make a mark, unwrap and place against measuring device (such as a ruler). Again it should lightly tug on the fleshy part of the finger.

At Dexter we are used to working with different international measurements.

In the event of your signet ring needs a resize please let us know before returning it to us.

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