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The Knights Templar Ancient Seal

Story of The Two Riders?

The Ancient Knights Templar Seal is thought to have been in use since 1167. Depicting two knights on a single horse, the riders are thought to be Godfrey de Saint-Omer and Hugues de Payens. While there are numerous interpretations, we will leave the history to the scholars and do what we do best...

Knights Templar Ancient Seal Ring

Knights Templar Reproduction Ancient Seal Ring

With our experience in the reproduction of antiquities, and international reputation as master seal engravers, Dexter Rings recently received a private commission to produce a faithful reproduction of the Knights Templar ancient seal ring. Based on the original Templar Seal (above), our signet ring is produced to the very highest standards.

SEE the detail and quality - please click image to enlarge.

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Above: The Faithful Replica Knights Templar Seal Ring

Right: Knights Templar Ancient Seal Pendants & Cufflinks

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Knights Templar Ancient Seal Gold Pendant Knights Templar Ancient Seal Cufflinks
Knights Templar Pendant NEW: Knights Templar Cufflink
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