Green Agate Signet Ring Seal Engraved With Heron Crest

Reproduction Seals

Historical Engravings

A selection of reproduction seal from any era, depicted in the original, renaissance, classical or modern style, on precious metal or gemstone.

Right: Nike Goddess Victory 9ct ct White Gold Signet Ring engraved with a classical scene showing Nike crowning Syracuse after victory in the ancient Olympics Circa 400 BC. Engraved in a late C19th style.

Seal Engraving of Nike Goddess Victory
Greek Achilles Carnelian Signet Ring

Left: Reproduction of a original Greek engraving of Achilles on Carnelian signet ring. 9ct yellow gold signet ring mount.

This ancient Carnelian stone (millions of years old!), engraved in an ancient Greek style. Highly collectable piece by internationally regarded seal engraver William Wright.

Right: Ancient Greek seal (circa 5BC), Japanese (C19th), ancient Egyptian seal of Impy the Great, and a reproduction ancient Greek depiction of Pan. Background: Original C18th seal cut by master seal engraver Birch. Where to find more: Knights Templar And the: Templar Ancient Seal Bespoke engraved designs: Custom Bespoke Seal Rings In-depth case study: Reproduction Carthaginian Coin

Seal From Ancient Greek Reproduction Signet Ring oriental signet ring and wax Cornelian Signet ring engraved with Egyptian seal of Impy the Great Knights Templar Ancient Seal Gold Pendant