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Latest Blog: | 19th Feb 2016

Making the Wax Seal

What is it for? & Use your signet ring to make the right (wax) impression!

We often get asked how to make wax impressions from the seal engraved signet rings we craft. In fact there is even some confusion what a wax seal actually is. A wax seal is not a casting or mould to be used to create a new engraving. Each engraved signet ring is unique and has to be created individually by the craftsman.

Simply put the wax seal was used historically to sign documents or letters like we use a signature today. While seal engraved signet rings are worn as a high value crafted item of jewellery, they are seldom used for such purposes. Your seal engraved signet ring retains its authenticity as a historic tool, and it can be fun to create such an impression and the result will show off the true detail and beauty of your traditionally crafted signet ring.

Further reading about the history of the wax seal with this helpful article.

We supply a presentation wax seal or impression with each of our traditionally engraved signet rings and this is how we do it!

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Blog by Adrian Otten on the 19th Feb 2015 | with Dexter Rings since 1999

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