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Knight in Battle Armour Engraved On Clients Own Desk Seal

All our rings and other products are created individually for you in our hand engraving workshop. Complexity of the engraving affects the cost as well as the ring itself. Classic signet rings in popular categories are costed for you to BUY TODAY however some more unusual mounts or out of the ordinary engravings will require a quotation . But if you do not wish to wait for a quote why not see the 'buy today' sections listed.

Please browse the thumbnail examples of our work below. They offer options to expand the image and link icons for the available options.

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  • Personalised Ball Marker Chelsea

    Personalised Ball Marker

  • Carnelian light coming through engraved with coat of arms

    Carnelian coat of arms

  • Mexican Day of the Dead Festival Elevated Engraved on a Signet Ring

    'Day of the Dead' Festival

  • Cigar Band With Cypher Monogram

    Cigar Band Cypher

  • Bespoke Coat of Arms Cushion Shape Signet Ring

    Bespoke Coat of Arms

  • Douglas Elevated Engraved From Family Arms Range

    Elevated Engraved

  • Romulus & Remus Seal from Ancient Roman

    Romulus & Remus Seal

  • Engraving from Greek or Roman Classical Period Sculpture

    Classical Sculpture Reproduction

  • Signet Ring With Emerald Set Ornate Shoulder

    Signet With Ornate Shoulder

  • Horse / Knights Head Signet Ring

    Knights Head Signet Ring

  • Clan Campbell Signet Ring

    Clan Badge

  • Cockerel Rooster Chicken Crest & Family Name

    Cockerel Crest With Name

  • Ring Engraved with Shield & Crest

    Shield & Crest

  • Ornate Arms on a Desk Seal

    Ornate Arms on a Desk Seal

  • Cornilian Engraved With Shield & Cap-of-Maintenance

    Cornilian Shield & Cap

  • Tree of Life Cigar Band Style Ring

    Tree of Life <

  • Coat of arms pendant with blue enamel

    Pendant with Enamel

  • Bespoke coat of arms on an ocagonal ring

    Bespoke Arms

  • Signet Ring with Victorian Style Monogram

    Victorian Monogram

  • Chinese Dragon Good Luck Bespoke Ring

    Good Luck Dragon

  • Ornate Arms & Ribbon

    Ornate Coat of Arms

  • Octagonal Coat of Arms Ring

    Bespoke Arms Ring

  • Ornate Shouldered Sculptural Ring Carved with an Angel

    Sculptural Ring

  • Plain gold 'cigar' band

    'Cigar Band' Rings

  • The Vatican Seal Engraved On Our Brass & Rosewood Desk Seal

    Desk Seals

  • Heraldic Coat of Arms Ring

    Classic Signet Rings

  • Sun Wukong the Monkey King & Chinese Dragon Ring

    Sun Wukong

  • Carnelian Signet Ring with a Decorative Shank

    Sculpted Rings

  • Bishop of Delaware Ring

    Bishop of Delaware

  • Oxford University Elevated Style Ring Showing Degrees on Each Shoulder

    School / University Rings

  • Monogram Single Letter S Old English On a Gold Classic Oval Signet Ring

    Monogram Ring

  • Highly ornate seal

    Highly Ornate Seal <

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps Signet Ring

    Napoleon Ring

  • Gold Mini Cigar Band with a Monogram – Worn as a Wedding Band

    Mini-Cigar Bands

  • Mermaid Signet Ring

    Mermaid Signet Ring

  • Phoenix rising from the flames - an elevated crest design on a red gold ring

    School Emblem Phoenix Rising

  • Eagle Rising Naval Coronet & Anchor

    Naval Eagle Coronet & Anchor

  • Coat of Arms Rings Available In a Range of Styles with Your Shield & Crest

    Family Arms Ring

  • Signet Ring With Durham Cathedral Sanctuary Door Knocker

    Sanctuary Door Knocker

  • 'Contemporary Signet' - Engraved with a Chinese Tiger & Heart

    Tiger & Heart

  • Red Sardonyx Bespoke Arms

    Red Sardonyx Bespoke Arms

  • Celtic Knot Trinity Cigar Band Ring

    Celtic Knot Trinity Cigar Band Ring

  • Octagonal Ring with Bespoke Coat of Arms

    Octagonal Ring with Bespoke Coat of Arms

  • Knights Templar Knight with Sword Signet Ring

    Knights Templar Signet Ring

  • Blue Sardonyx Signet Ring Demi Lion Rampant

    Demi Lion Rampant Ring

  • Japanese Mon Crest

    Japanese Mon 'Crest' Ring

  • Knight in Battle Armour Engraved On Clients Own Desk Seal

    Engraved on Clients Own Desk Seal

  • Engraved Platinum Cigar Band - Commissioned for a Wedding

    Cigar Band

  • Signet Ring Ornate Shield & Princess Cut Diamonds

    Gem Encrusted

  • Shield Shape Ring

    Shield Shape Ring

  • Argyll & Sutherland Military Regiment Badge Ring

    Argyll & Sutherland Military

  • Virgin Mary - Miraculous Medal Our Lady of Graces

    Our Lady of Graces

  • Pendants engraved with shields & Crests Then Set with Gemstones


  • Chinese Crane - Ring Engraved from a Traditional Design

    Chinese Crane

  • 'Elegance' Ladies Ring Design

    'Elegance' Style Ring

  • Heraldic Shield Swivel Cufflinks

    Heraldic Shield Cufflinks

  • Frog or Toad Engraved Signet Ring


  • Enammeled Blue Masonic Design


  • Elephant & Parrot Crest Cufflinks

    Elephant & Parrot

  • Chain Link Or Swivel Cufflinks Available - Shown With Family & Military Crests


'CUSTOM BESPOKE' QUOTE ONLY : Precious Metal Products | Gemstone Products | Cigar Band Rings

'BUY TODAY' BY ENGRAVING : Crest | Arms | Clan | Monogram | Masonic | Faith | School | Military | Popular