Knights Templar signet rings - Knight with sword

Christian & Faith Rings

Religious Themed Ring Examples

Bishops Seal Engraved on a Cornelian Gemstone

Rings worn by Bishops, Priests and other clergy. If you have an idea of a design spiritual nature, please let us know. Perhaps the arms of your diocese, church, or college - or any design of a sacred or holy nature. All religious work, of any faith, undertaken.



Left: Bishops Seal Cornelian - Gemstone Quote Only.

Above: Hands Claped in Prayer

Below: Crucifixion

Faith Themed Engraved Rings

  • Christ on the Cross Crucifixion / Crucifix

    Christ on the Cross

  • Medieval Depiction of Saint Michael slaying the serpant / devil / dragon

    Medieval Depiction of Saint Michael

  • Pax Dove Ring of Peace

    Pax Dove

  • The Crossed Keys Vatican Seal

    The Vatican Seal

  • Custom Bespoke Anglican Bishops Ring

    Anglican Bishops Ring

  • Cross of Loraine Enamelled

    Cross of Loraine

  • Bishop of Maryland Clerical Desk Seal

    Clerical Desk Seal

  • Order of the Crown of Charlemagne KRSL Enamelled Red

    Crown of Charlemagne

  • Hindu Ganesha Signet Ring

    Ganesha Ring

  • Joan of Arc - Jeanne d'Arc Ancient Reproduction

    Joan of Arc

  • Saint Benedict Medal Ring

    Saint Benedict Medal Ring

  • Cross - Customise with you own date

    Cross with you own date

  • Saint Peter The Fishermans Ring

    Saint Peter

  • Lion of St Mark Ring

    Lion of St Mark

  • Temet Noche Lutherian Symbol Ring

    Lutherian Symbol

  • The Four Apostles Ring

    Four Apostles

  • Madonna Mary & Jesus

    Madonna & Jesus

  • St. George Slaying the Dragon Ancient Depiction

    St. George & the Dragon

  • Bishops Seal Engraved on a Cornelian Gemstone

    Bishops Seal Engraved on a Cornelian Gemstone

  • Hands Clasped in Prayer

    Hands in Prayer

  • Saint Michael the Archangel

    St. Michael

  • Turin Shroud Ring

    Turin Shroud

  • Bishops of North Carolina Ring

    Bishops Ring

  • Chi Rho Cigar Band Style Ring

    Chi Rho Cigar Band

  • Saint Benedict Medal

    Saint Benedict

  • Rosicrucian Ring

    Rosicrucian Ring

  • Christian Ecclesiastic Clerical Seal

    Clerical Seal

  • Holy Scripture Ring

    Holy Scripture