Variety of gemstone rings & seal engraved stones including carnelian agate sardonyx and bloodstone

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Seal Engraving - Quotation Only

Our senior Master craftsman William Wright, has 50 years experience as an heraldic seal engraver on gold and gemstone rings. William hand engraves precious metal and gemstone full time, while overseeing our small team of engravers. His son Simon, is head engraver and managing director of Dexter Rings Ltd, has been an heraldic hand engraver for 30 years and mainly concentrates on precious metal engraving. The recent addition of grandson Joe, as apprentice currently specialising in gemstone rings, means Dexter Rings has now three generations of Wright family engravers!

Gemstone engraving is an ancient, extremely rare, and somewhat time-consuming craft, it would be a pleasure to provide you a gemstone quotation, please give us a clear idea what you would like engraving, you preferred gemstone, precious metal, head size, and where you are in the world.

  • Star Sun & Moon Sardonyx

    Star Sun & Moon Sardonyx

  • Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

    Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

  • Chinese Monogram Sardonyx

    Chinese Monogram

  • Sardonyx Shield with Crescents

    Shield with Crescents

  • Lion crest on bloodstone

    Lion crest on bloodstone

  • Cornelian with Custom Arms

    Cornelian with Custom Arms

  • Octagonal Green Agate Gemstone Ring

    Green Agate Gemstone Ring

  • Greek Reproduction Cornelian

    Greek Reproduction

  • Sardonyx Ring with European Arms

    Sardonyx Ring with European Arms

  • Bloodstone Heraldic Crest

    Bloodstone Crest

Opaque gemstones are supplied set within closed back rings. For translucent stones, like carnelian, we recommend open back mounts in the traditional style, which allow the light to pass through, complementing the natural beauty of the stone and the detail of the engraving.

Sort by Gemstone Type:

  • Bloodstone with Lion Rampant Guardant

    Bloodstone with Lion Rampant Guardant

  • Griffin Crest Bloodstone Ring

    Griffin Crest Bloodstone Ring

  • Blue Sardonyx Ring Heraldic Shield

    Blue Sardonyx Stone Heraldic Shield

  • Blue Agate Lion Rampant

    Blue Agate Lion Rampant

  • Cornelian Signet With Portrait

    Cornelian Signet With Portrait

  • Pendant with a Coat-of-Arms

    Pendant with a Coat-of-Arms

  • Red Sardonyx Stone Ring With Stag

    Red Sardonyx Stone Ring With Stag

  • Blue Sardonyx With Cypher

    Blue Sardonyx With Cypher

  • Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

    Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

  • Monogramed 'Elegance' Ring

    Monogramed 'Elegance' Ring

  • Pan - Greek / Roman Reproduction

    Pan - Greek / Roman Reproduction

  • Carnelian signet ring with a decorative shank

    Bespoke Ornate Shoulder

  • Bloodstone Chinese Japanese Crane

    Chinese Japanese Crane

  • Lapis Lazuli Coat of Arms

    Lapis Lazuli

  • Lion Passant Black Onyx Signet Ring

    Lion Passant Onyx

  • Bloodstone Ring Old English Monogram

    Bloodstone Monogram Ring

  • Green Agate Crest

    Green Agate Crest

  • Blue Sardonyx with Bespoke Coat of Arms

    Sardonyx Coat of Arms

  • Cornelian Shield & Coronet

    Cornelian Shield & Coronet

  • Cross Coronet Crest Engraved Sardonyx Gemstone Ring

    Cross Coronet Sardonyx Ring

Above From Left: Lion crest Blue Sardonyx Seal engraved with a star sun & moon design | Cornelian set ring engraved with a full coat of arms | Blue sardonyx gemstone ring engraved with coat of arms with a long motto | Sardonyx signet ring engraved with a european coat of arms Chinese Monogram seal engared red sardonyx | Blue / black sardonyx white gold engraved with a traditional arms | Cornelian signet engraved with an heraldic shield and coronet | Blue Sardonyx Ring Engraved with a Shield charged with crescents and cross crosslets | Bloodstone set in yellow gold engraved with an heraldic crest Lion crest seal engraved onto a bloodstone | Greek reproduction cornelian stone from original ancient drawing Depiction of Pan - Greek / Roman reproduction carnelian ring Sardonyx Ring and Pendant Engraved with a Coat-of-Arms | Griffins head collared with a ducal coronet crest on bloodstone ring | Sardonyx gemstone ring engraved with a wolf's head erased | Blue sardonyx stone ring engraved with an heraldic shield charged with a tree | White / red sardonyx stone ring engraved with a traditional design depicting a doe deer under a tree | Bloodstone ring engraved with an heraldic lion rampant guardant holding a shield | Blue agate gemstone ring engraved with a demi lion rampant Bloodstone'Elegance' style ring engraved with a monogram | Cornelian gemstone signet ring engraved from a bust portrait or cameo Blue sardonyx stone engraved with an unusual cypher or elaborate entwined monogram | Cornelian gemstone ring engraved with a dragons head crest | Blue / black sardonyx stone ring engraved with a cross and coronet.