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Above:- Crest ring examples. With more than a lifetime experience, Dexter are the only engravers producing this level of quality. Please donít take our word for it, click the ring images to see the detail - When choosing your ring online, always ask to see plenty of hi-resolution images so you can really compare the craftsmanship.

We are the only engraver to show large clear images of our engraving - So you can see the detail in our signet rings!

If you know your crest no problem, if you donít know where to start let our skilled and experienced heralds help you: get your crest!

more heraldic crest ring examples:
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A crest is a component of a full coat of arms. Situated above the helmet of a coat of arms, the crest only is usually worn by descendants of English families. Traditionally but not exclusively engraved onto a ‘pinky’ ring (as it is called when worn on the little finger), the heraldic crest is a discreet and refined option that signifies English lineage. Also see coats of arms more usually worn denoting European lineage.

right:- wax impressions of rings show the fine craftsmanship - place your mouse over to see the exquisite detail of our engraving

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