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Clan Turnbull   Clan Drummond   Graham Elevated Clan Badge Ring
Clan Munro Bruce Clan Badge Clan Hamilton Crest Only - No Belt & Garter

Above Clan Ring Examples: Turnbull | Drummond | Graham | Munro | Bruce | Hamilton

Clan Rings

Selection of Scottish clan rings are shown In a variety of sizes and shapes of ring and in one of three engraving styles. Rings can be engraved ‘for show’ - motto reads correctly on the ring. ‘Traditional Seal’ – Reversed for making wax seals in the traditional way. ‘Elevated Style’ Sometimes called relief engraving where key areas of the design are raised.

Your Clan Crest or Badge, your style of engraving, on your choice of ring... See Prices

Clan Campbell Crest   Morrison Clan   Clan Campbell Signet
wax impression from ring
See The Detail See The Detail See The Detail See The Detail
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Campbell Morrison Campbell
Fraser Clan Clan Wallace Nil-Desperandum Signet
Fraser Wallace Nil Desperandum
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Clan Wallace Ring Elevated Engraved in Titainium Clan Macaulay Ring Clan Macdonald of Macdonald Seal Ring Clan Hunter Ring Relief Engraved Clan McIntosh Ring Clan Young Ring Elevated Style
Clan Sinclair Clan Macdonald of Clanranald Ring Clan MacLean Clan Graham Desk Seal Clan Campbell Cufflinks Clan Macdonald Seal Ring
Macdonald of Clanranald
Above Left Clan Ring Examples: Wallace | Macaulay | Macdonald Of Mcdonald | Hunter | Mcintosh | Young

Next Row: Sinclair | Macdonald of Clanranald | MacLean | Graham | Campbell | Macdonald of Macdonald

Any Clan Badge can be engraved onto the ring of your choice in a style you like. If the ring is not shown here we supply artwork prior to engraving your new ring. Please click images for more detail.

Clan McGregor Clan Buchannan Elevated Style Clan Buchannan Seal Clan Graham Desk Seal Clan McDowell Seal Ring Clan Kennedy Elevated
Clan Lamont Elevated Clan Lamont for Show Clan Ramsay Seal Clan Irvine Wax Clan Douglas Elevated Cunningham Elevated
Above Left Clan Ring Examples: McGregor | Buchannan (elevated) | Buchannan (seal) | Lindsay | McDowell | Kennedy

Next Row Clans: Lamont (elevated) | Lamont (seal) | Ramsay | Irvine | Douglas | Cunningham

Below: Brodie | Boyd | MacKenzie | Robertson (seal) | Robertson (wax) | Robertson (crest only)

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Clan McAlees
Clan Brodie Elevated Clan Boyd Clan MacKenzie Wax Robertson Clan Badge Seal Engraved Wax Impression Taken From Ring Clan Robertson No Belt
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