Variety of gemstone rings & seal engraved stones including carnelian agate sardonyx and bloodstone

Club, Badge, Logo, or Fraternity Rings

For The Whole Team or Just for You!

ANY club or fraternity emblem, or badge - including ANY corporate logo or civic or national symbol - engraved in your preferred style, on a signet ring of your choice. Single ring or multiple rings no problem.


Multiple discount quote here – discount only applies if you are purchasing more than one ring at same time.

Gemstone rings available by gemstone quote only

Designs can be customised by you and engraved in a traditional or contemporary style on any of our signet rings, pendants or cufflinks. When you order we supply artwork for you – You are completely protected by a full refund at any stage of the process or if you are not happy with the finished product you receive. See Examples Below.

Blue Sardonyx Ring Engraved With a Shield charged with Crescents

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  • Lambda Chi Fraternity Seal Ring

    Lambda Chi Fraternity Seal Ring

  • Caduceus Medicine Medical Symbol Enamelled in Black

    Caduceus Design Ring

  • Greenbay Packers Lambeau Football Signet Ring

    Greenbay Packers

  • Three Lions Of England Footbal Emblem Cushion Ring

    England Footbal Emblem

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Signet Ring

    Alpha Phi Alpha

  • Sigma Pi Fraternity Signet Cushion Shape Signet Ring

    Sigma Pi Fraternity

  • Octagonal Green Agate Gemstone Ring

    Lutherian Three Solas

  • Great Seal of USA Desk Seal

    Great Seal Emblem

  • Mexican Day of the Dead Festival Elevated Engraved on a Signet Ring

    'Day of the Dead' Festival

  • Personalised Chelsea FC Emblem Design

    Football Club Emblem

  • The Great Alpha Fraternity Signet Ring

    ANY Variation of Logo Possible

  • Welsh Dragon Signet Ring Enamelled Red

    Welsh Dragon Enamelled Red

  • Blue Sardonyx Ring Heraldic Shield

    Blue Sardonyx Stone Heraldic Shield

  • Polish Eagle Signet Ring

    Polish Eagle Ring

  • Scottish Style Lion Signet Ring

    Scottish Lion

  • Three Hares Rabbits Celtic Motif

    Three Hares Celtic Motif

  • Royal Emblem Signet Ring

    Royal Emblem

  • Horse / Knights Head Signet Ring

    Knights Head Signet Ring

ALSO SEE : Crest | Arms | Clan | Monogram | Masonic | Faith | School | Military