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Engraving Styles: Seal, Show or Elevated?

At Dexter Rings all our products are heirloom quality; individually deep engraved signet rings and other items of jewellery including pendants, charms, cufflinks and desk seals can all be engraved in any one of one of our 3 styles. Each Dexter ring is carved to produce a deep 3 dimensional image of your chosen design. No matter the engraving style every ring is unique, relying on the experience and artistry of the master engraver concerned in its making.

Seal Engraving These engraved rings are engraved traditionally in reverse; to produce a positive 3D wax impression - We supply a wax impression taken from the actual ring with each of our seal engraved rings.

Seal Engraved Knights Templar Ancient Seal
Seal Engraved Lion Rampant Traditional Crest
Seal Engraved Example: Clan Campbell Signet Ring
Seal Engraved Sardonyx Stone Ring

Deep for Show Products are still deeply engraved, but for show only - so not engraved in reverse! - Although this is not a seal ring we still supply a wax impression to highlight the intricate detail of the engraving.

Deep for Show Engraved Example: Clan Drummond Ring
Deep for Show Engraved Monogram Signet Ring
Deep for Show Engraved Example Coat of Arms Ring
Deep for Show Engraved Example Phoenix Crest Ring

Elevated Engraving This Alternative engraving style produces a stunning contemporary effect. Unlike inferior products our elevated style ring is deep engraved from one solid piece of precious metal. Thus providing a quality appearance and feel, providing longevity of wear.

Elevated Engraved Example: Masonic M3 Ring
Elevated Engraved Example University Ring
Elevated Engraved Example - Clan Ring
Elevated Engraved Example: Custom Chelsea FC Design