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Question: What is a 'family seal ring'?

Answer: A family seal ring is one of the oldest forms of identifying a particular family from others. Traditionally and more recently used for creating wax seals on documents, the use of seal rings actually dates back over three thousand years.

Question: Why is the engraving detail in reverse?

Answer: The traditional method is to engrave all the details of your arms in negative so the signet ring makes a positive three-dimensional impression in a wax seal. However we can offer the ring in what we call 'deep for show' style in which the engraving appears un-reversed.

Question: Why do people still wear seal rings?

Answer: Seal rings are worn by families proud of their ancestry, featuring an engraved family arms, a symbol that remains unchanged through countless generations.

Question: Are your gold signet rings solid?

Answer: Yes all our gold signet rings are solid, they are not hollowed out underneath the head of the signet ring.

Question: Do all your signet rings have a hallmark?

Answer: Yes all the signet rings we supply are hallmarked by the UK Assay Office to guarantee the purity of the gold, silver & platinum.

Question: How do I find out my finger size?

Answer: If unsure of your finger size we will be happy to forward to you a ring gauge, alternatively most local jewellers will size your finger free of charge.

Question: Can I use my signet ring to make wax seal impressions?

Answer: Yes unlike many similar products on the market we produce traditional seal rings, engraved in reverse to give a positive three-dimensional impression.

Question: What is mantling?

Answer: Mantling is the surcoat worn over the suit of armour showing the family colours (also worn to keep the sun and elements off the armour). Over the years artists have stylised it into many forms, to represent having been ripped and slashed in battle! All these versions are in their own way correct.

Question: How do you engrave colours, furs and metals?

Answer: In heraldry engraved colours, furs and metals are shown as various lines, dots etc. i.e. gold (or) is small dots, red (gu) vertical lines, blue (az) horizontal lines, black (sa) cross hatched, silver (ar) left plain and many more.

Question: Is there a correct finger to wear my signet ring on?

Answer: There are no rules as to which finger a signet ring should be worn on, you can wear your signet ring on whichever finger feels most comfortable!

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