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Crests: Heraldic Eagle Signet Rings

Heraldic Eagles are a widely recognised symbol that has transcended pre heraldry into modern society. Pre dating heraldry (12th century), as a meaningful and evocative symbol, eagle signet rings were first worn by Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and eagles were an important symbol in wider culture and society... | rings of the finest quality

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Symbolising; nobility, strength, bravery, and wisdom, the eagle has been adopted by religions such as Christianity to symbolise redemption, and espoused as a symbols of empire and nationhood by the Holy Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, German, Polish, and Russian amongst many others... | our unique pledge

Right: Eagle Displayed Holding Two Swords Depicted on a Gold Signet Ring
Below: Eagle Cornelian Signet Ring, Popular in the Greek & Roman Period

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Eagle Displayed holding a sword in each claw
cornelian signet ring engraved with an eagle displayed Notable heraldic variations are 'eagle displayed' (body in a vertical posture, wings spread, head to side), 'double headed' (as previous but with heads looking to left and to right). Variants of these form national symbols for the German & Polish empires. Often the eagles are depicted adorned with crowns, shields or escutcheons, and holding different heraldic devices, such as the Russian eagle holding sceptre and orb...
Signet Ring Depicting the Great Seal of The USA  
Imperial Eagle in an Elevated Style Signet Ring
Great Seal Ring
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Imperial Eagle Signet
Available in: Popular
Russian Eagle  
Signet Ring Engraved with a Polish Eagle
Russian Eagle Ring
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Polish Eagle Ring
Available in: Popular

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Phoenix Ring
Cigar Band
Tiger Pendant
Most of the rings you see on this page are classic signet rings, available to order today. However our Gemstone, Elegance, Supersize, and Cigar Band Rings are available by quotation only. As with all our rings available with YOUR family crest.

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Heraldic eagle ‘postures’ or attitudes include: 'eagle rising' (head and wings raised as is about to take flight) either 'displayed' (wings either side) or 'addorsed' (wings to the right), 'volant' (bird in flight with wings spread), 'trussed' (perched, wings closed).

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Eastern European Heraldic Eagle Displayed Signet Ring
    Beastpendant-sm.jpg - 26110 Bytes  
Double Headed Eagle
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Eagle Volant
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  Imperial Eagle
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Featured in this section signet rings engraved with heraldic eagles. Find out what an heraldic crest is...

Right: Heraldic Eagle Displayed Charged with a Shield on its Chest
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